Capturing the next generation of footballing greatness

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Pain, ecstasy, rapture. The tribalism of football is unique. Simply put, if you don’t ‘get it’ then you’ll never get it; and that’s your loss.

Football fans have been exposed to a proliferation of news and media from an array of different mediums. We’re now in an environment where we don’t know what to believe is true. Aubameyang to Liverpool, yeah right. Messi to Man City, no chance.

Rumours and innuendo are rife; more than ever before. And don’t get started on ticket prices, the inflated transfer market and FIFA expanding the World Cup to include minnows of world football for their own greedy financial gains.

But hey, it’s not all doom and gloom because it’s not called the beautiful game for no reason. What’s pure and rich is the passion for design. Creating moments in time, creating unforgettable memories that can last forever.

Here at Ferch we believe in expression and we harness the talents of graphic designers all over the world.

Our mission is to collaborate with hand selected designers to create unique merchandise and market their work to a targeted and passionate football audience.

That Henry swivel and unerring shot past a stranded Fabien Barthez, that exquisite Totti chip in the San Siro, that iconic Zidane volley in the Champions League final.

They are all powerful memories and opportunities for Ferch to rekindle, as we embark on a journey to capture the next generation of legendary moments that define the beauty of football.

Ferch, a bespoke football community capturing the next generation of footballing greatness.

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