Five A Side – The Art Of Martin Gordopelota via Victory Journal [WATCH]

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Martin Gordopelota loves football. So does half the planet, if some reports are led to be believed. But unlike his fellow counterparts who immerse themselves in the beautiful game, his approach to consuming the game is unique.

In the past few years, the Buenos Aires-based artist has produced an exceptional and diverse range of art that underlines the Argentinean subculture of football. Cigarettes, cold beer and cigarettes are a trademark of his canvases and street murals which symbolise the other side of the game. Money, greed, power and personal brands are commonplace for the premier football competitions on the planet; Martin depicts refreshing motifs of the complete opposite.

Victory Journal created an engaging five-and-a-half minute film that typifies the importance Martin places on the social aspect of football and it explains his passion and the reasons behind such polarising artwork.

Football is therapy for Martin and his friends and a world away from the immense rigours professional footballers face. “They exploit them so they end up being these little million-making machines,” the Argentine so eloquently puts.

To purchase some of Martin’s artwork via Ferch click HERE for his market link.

Follow Martin Gordopelota on Instagram at @Gordopelota.

And enjoy some more of Martin’s incredible work below.


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